Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All Kinds of Colors

So one Saturday Zach and I had sort of a super Saturday. It was the Saturday right after my Spring Break, before I had to go back to school, and we decided that we wanted to do something fun. So that morning we woke up early and went to the temple and after that we were heading to the Festival of Colors down in Spanish Fork. I never realized what a big deal this was before! There were so many people there and we had to park like 2 miles away and just walk to it. But it was really fun and really messy, as you can see...

After the festival of colors we hurried and got showered and ready and then went to the Real soccer game. It was such an awesome game too! A little cold but we ended beating the LA Galaxy 4-1! So no one was complaining. Then we just decided to get a redbox movie and pop some pop corn to finish up the night. It was so nice to have a full day off of work to just hang out with the hubby all day.

Then last Saturday Zach had been mentioning that he wanted to know what I looked like with dark hair. I've never done anything to my hair before so I'm always a little hesitant to change things up but after looking in the mirror I thought why not? My hair wasn't really blonde and it wasn't really brown so we decided to just do it. We bought a box of hair dye at Ulta and on Saturday night we died it brown. It's still different to see myself in the mirror but it's kind of growing on me and it's a fun change!

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