Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Official

Well it's official! On May 7-14, Zach and I will be going back to Panama! Even when I was in high school I always said that I wanted to go back to my husband's mission with him. I just wanted to see where he lived for 2 years, meet the people he taught, and see what he saw. Zach and I were looking online to see how much tickets would cost and we were looking one day and the prices had dropped by $200! So we booked them! It's right at the end of the semester before the Summer semester starts so it was perfect timing. I'm not quite sure what all we're going to do yet because Zach is planning it all, but it should be fun! These are just some pictures of the city and Panama City Beach to get me excited to go! (As if I'm not already excited)

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