Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time for Fall

Well I survived First Term and actually made it out with good grades! I got a B+ in Physics which made me very happy (I was just praying I passed the class period) and I ended up with an A in stats. I was trying to find any major that didn't require me to take stats because I am terrible at math and everybody was scaring me out of it and I don't even know why now! I just kept sitting in that class waiting for it to get harder and it didn't. I was very proud of myself. Now Fall classes started today and I know that this semester is going to be a little bit overwhelming because people are starting to scare me out of my Human Physiology class by telling me how hard it is but hopefully I can do it.

This past week I had absolutely nothing to do because we got a week break before the Fall semester started. It was so nice to just be a worry-free bum in Hawaii and actually be able to enjoy this beautiful place where I LIVE! Needless to say, we hit up the beach A LOT and just hung out with each other. That's really all there is to do in Hawaii. But it was so relaxing, fun, and really needed! My friend Shad's birthday was this past Monday and he was turning 24. We wanted to do something special for him because he's leaving on a mission probably in January so it would be his last big hoorah birthday before everybody goes their separate ways. I made him that awesome fun-fetti cake that is pictured below and we had a bonfire on this hidden beach. It was a lot of fun until we got busted by some Turtle Bay people. I guess that beach was on Turtle Bay property (oops!) so they sat there and watched until the fire was completely out. That was kind of a drag but it was still a beautiful, clear, starry night and was fun to be all together.

Side Note: The Office started back up today (Yipee!) and Hawaii has some of the most beautiful starry nights that I have ever seen in my life!

Shad and I

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Well Labor Day this year was pretty awesome, not gonna lie. It was so nice not having class and just getting a little break before I have to worry about finals this week. At first we thought our Labor Day plans were going to be foiled by the rain, but it only rained for about 20 minutes (typical Hawaii) and then it was a beautiful hot and sunny day! Instead of me telling you all at once, there are pictures of all the events we did so I'll say it as I go.

First, we all got in the truck or in Bryan's jeep and made our way up to the North Shore to go to Sunset Beach. This is me and Emily in the back of the truck.
Sunset Beach

Then we made our way to Kava Roots to go get a delicious Acai Bowl! It was definitely one of the best ones I've had! After leaving Kava Roots we were in the Foodland parking lot going to our car and I saw John Locke from the TV show Lost in his truck! Unfortunately I don't have a picture to depict and prove this event because he was leaving the parking lot but I saw him I promise! I've heard he's really nice so I was bummed that I didn't get to meet him and get a picture but it was still really cool!

After finishing our Acai Bowls we made our way to Waimea Beach to enjoy the sun some more. :)

After we were all fried from the sun and dead tired, we went back to Foodland and back to the Bus Stop House to start our Barbeque. I don't know what it is about BBQ's that are so fun and make the day so much better but they do! We had some intense Guitar Hero going on and some yummy food with fun friends! It was pretty awesome

This is a Chilean (sp?) hot dog that we had courtesy of our friend Anthony, who lived in Chile for a long time. It's a hot dog with mayo on the bun, avocado, and tomatoes. It usually has onions on top of all of that but I'm not a big onion fan. I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first but I tried it anyway and it was pretty good! It was very filling but it was good.

All in all, a pretty freakin awesome Labor Day in beautiful Hawaii! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almost Done!

Well there is a week left of first term and I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. These past 6 weeks have definitely not been a relaxing, stress free time for me. I was taking Statistics, Physics, and New Testament 2 and having 3 months worth of material crammed into 6 weeks definitely doesn't make things any easier. But with only 1 more test in Stats and Physics and finals next week, I feel like I can start to breathe again. I'm ready for it to be done!

Other than this term being very stressful and worrisome with school, I was wondering (freaking out is more like it) about life in general. There have been recent happenings to my life and to my family that got me thinking about where I should be this winter semester and what I really want to do with my life. I was making myself sick over what I should do because those of you who know me really well know how AWESOME I am at making decisions, especially life changing ones. But after weeks of worrying and studying, venting to my family, fasting, and praying really hard, I think I have my near future pretty much laid out; transferring to BYU (if I get in) and majoring in athletic training. Thank goodness for my family being there to calm me down and listening to me and for prayer! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my family or the Lord to help me make decisions in my life.

Other than that, here's some fun pictures from this past Summer that my mom just emailed to me. Some were on her camera that "went missing" for 4 months! Found in the sofa that I swear we checked a thousand times. Oh and on a completely unrelated note: The Office starts back up in 2 weeks!!! :)
Here's the latest picture of my newest nephew, brother and sister! Parker is already a chunk! I love it
This is awesome. After swimming, too tired to even eat

I love this one. It totally shows their personalities (as Keith once said)