Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time for Fall

Well I survived First Term and actually made it out with good grades! I got a B+ in Physics which made me very happy (I was just praying I passed the class period) and I ended up with an A in stats. I was trying to find any major that didn't require me to take stats because I am terrible at math and everybody was scaring me out of it and I don't even know why now! I just kept sitting in that class waiting for it to get harder and it didn't. I was very proud of myself. Now Fall classes started today and I know that this semester is going to be a little bit overwhelming because people are starting to scare me out of my Human Physiology class by telling me how hard it is but hopefully I can do it.

This past week I had absolutely nothing to do because we got a week break before the Fall semester started. It was so nice to just be a worry-free bum in Hawaii and actually be able to enjoy this beautiful place where I LIVE! Needless to say, we hit up the beach A LOT and just hung out with each other. That's really all there is to do in Hawaii. But it was so relaxing, fun, and really needed! My friend Shad's birthday was this past Monday and he was turning 24. We wanted to do something special for him because he's leaving on a mission probably in January so it would be his last big hoorah birthday before everybody goes their separate ways. I made him that awesome fun-fetti cake that is pictured below and we had a bonfire on this hidden beach. It was a lot of fun until we got busted by some Turtle Bay people. I guess that beach was on Turtle Bay property (oops!) so they sat there and watched until the fire was completely out. That was kind of a drag but it was still a beautiful, clear, starry night and was fun to be all together.

Side Note: The Office started back up today (Yipee!) and Hawaii has some of the most beautiful starry nights that I have ever seen in my life!

Shad and I

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  1. You big beach bum. :) BTW, I'm taking a stats class for my MBA and it's kind of hard. The frustrating thing is, when I get something it's like "duh that's easy" so I think it would be an easier class if it wasn't an online class. I may just have to recruit some help from you. Look out...Glad you're enjoying yourself and I'm glad your classes went well. The beginning part of the office last night was SO funny! LOVE IT!