Monday, November 9, 2009


So I have to admit, normally I don't like Halloween. It just seems like a pointless holiday to me unless you're a little kid who gets to dress up as your favorite super hero and go around to houses and get candy. I stopped trick or treating when I was in middle school and ever since I just haven't really seen the point of it. However, this Halloween was actually a lot of fun. Everyone in my house thought that we should all dress up together as a group costume. I was a little worried that they wouldn't turn out but we actually looked pretty freakin awesome! We all dressed up as the characters from Peter Pan/Hook. We went to Wal-Mart in Mililani the night before Halloween to get some costume things and then started piecing everything together. On Oct. 30th we had a school Halloween dance that was a lot of fun and then on Halloween we just went to the volleyball game in our costumes (where I was on TV) and went to Denny's in Kaneohe. I couldn't find a green dress for my costume, because I was Tinker Bell, so we proceeded to buy green fabric and wrap it around and pin it in random places. It actually turned out really well! It was a lot of fun!

Since Rufio (leader of the Lost Boys in Hook) isn't pictured in our group picture below, we had to get a single one of him. Ivan Goldtooth isn't very good at making scary faces because he just starts laughing. This was the best he could do. :) But doesn't he make a freakin awesome Rufio!!

Everyone in the group. Starting from left to right Jessica who was Wendy, Becca was the mermaid, Michelle didn't dress up, Kyle was Captain Hook, Whitney was Tiger Lily, Alexis and Bryan were the Lost Boys, and then I was Tinker Bell and Em was thee Peter Pan.

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  1. That's pretty good, I'm impressed! Who needs a seamstress, just wrap faric around yourself and pin it so it doesn't fall super cute pics