Wednesday, November 18, 2009

~*Fall Ball*~

Well it's taken me awhile to blog about this but I'm finally getting around to it! On Nov. 6th our school had a dance called Fall Ball. It was at the Ala Moana hotel in Waikiki and the theme was "Once Upon a Dream." My friend, Spencer Scanlan, asked me to go with him and we decided that we wanted to go all out but look different. It said the dance was formal but most people there were dressed in really fancy church dresses so needless to say, we stuck out like sore thumbs. As soon as we walked in the door it seemed like every head turned in our direction and stared us down. He actually pulled off the prince outfit really well. He even sewed on some red ribbon to his church pants and had a sword. It was pretty awesome. As soon as he took off his belt that was over top of the shirt people were mistaking him for Michael Jackson though. It was pretty funny. Just wait till you see it. I didn't like everyone staring at me very much but I did get a lot of compliments and it was a lot of fun (besides the fact that everyone kept stepping on my dress while I was trying to bust a move on the dance floor).

Here are the pictures of us all ready to go, waiting for the boys to come pick us up. This is me and Alexis. Shout out to my roommates Becca, who was so kind to do our hair for us, and Ashlen for doing my make up. Thanks girls!!

All 3 of us excited and ready to go! Me, Alexis, and Danna

Our excitement slowly began to wear off because the boys were very late (like 45 mins late). These are our frustrated faces. Plus, it was getting so hot in our house, hence my dress is pulled up past my knees.

They finally got there! This is the whole gang (from left to right) Huka, Danna, me, Spencer, Alma, and Alexis

It took us SOOO long to find that stupid hotel! We were in the car for about 2 hours and we were driving around the hotel for about 30 mins. We stopped and asked 3 different people for directions and then we finally found it! We just parked in the mall parking lot and walked because we didn't want to waste our time finding the hotel parking lot. This is mine and Alexis's struggle faces. We were so happy to be out of that stupid car.

Just us girls in front of the decorations

The whole group again

Me and Alexis during our sweat fest at the dance. It was so hot in there!

After the dance we all went to Denny's to get some food/dessert and then they just took us home, because it was like 3 in the morning at this point. It was a lot of fun!


  1. It looks like you had a ton of fun! You looked GORGEOUS, by the way... Stupid sister... haha jk. I'm glad to see some pictures up here finally. We definitely need to talk soon cuz I don't know anything about your life! Less than a month to go! Love you, sister! :)

  2. Well you looked beautiful. However, I'm not sure I get the whole outfit thing. You look beautiful and normal but you were acting like it was a joke. Was he kidding? Regardless, I love the pics. and BTW, thanks for your last post. That is pretty crazy, scary, disturbing etc but I appreciate the perspective reality check. I swear I still think you're like 14 and then I hear the way youtalk and the testimony you have and I'm so impressed. Thanks for your example!

  3. hahahah! I LOVE your and your date's idea! That is awesome, and even if you felt self conscience, you looked beautiful in the pictures!