Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Break

Yes I know that Spring Break was FOREVER ago but let's face it, I am awful at this blogging thing. So I'm choosing to talk about it now. Spring Break for the Miller's was really fun. I don't even know what brought it up but we were talking about how we should go somewhere. We didn't have money to burn or anything like that but we at least wanted to get out of South Jordan. I was talking to my sister Angie one day and she said, "hey you guys should drive out here and spend a weekend with us!" I brought it up with Zach  and he got really excited about it and said it would be a lot of fun. The plan was set in motion and we drove out to Colorado for our Spring Break.

It was so much fun being out there with them! The drive wasn't that bad and we just stayed at their house so we didn't have to pay for a hotel. We didn't do anything outrageous. We went to the outlets, TJ Maxx ( I finally got my sunglasses and a cute scarf thanks to Angie) and went out to dinner for Angie's birthday. We went to the Butterfly Exhibit (or whatever it's called), a St. Patrick's Day parade, and to yummy Smashburger and an ice cream place. Otherwise our time was spent talking, laughing way too hard, and playing with their two little cuties. It wasn't a long trip but it was so much fun! We need to make it a tradition to go out there at least once a year. Thanks for the fun time Bell family!

Cute little Layla bug

Out to eat at Maggiano's. SOO good

Couldn't even make it through his cracker

At the Butterfly place

Zach hates spiders. He couldn't even look at it! Pansy...

Such a cute little family

At first she thought it was a friend so she ran in to the mirror. haha

She was obsessed with this turtle. She kept coming back, pointing to it, and then talking to it

Jackson took this picture, that's why it's so close. But I think it's cute!

Midnight after the Game on Diet was over. We splurged! 

At the St. Patrick's Day parade

This little girl was worn out!

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  1. We miss you guys, come again! And I love how you just took pictures of my family! lol. Next time I'll have to stteal your camera more to take more pictures of you guys. love you!!! PS your post on Jasmine made me cry...thanks a lot!