Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Time

Ok so I finally had the time and patience to blog about Christmas decorating, Christmas partying, and Christmas. My internet would take forever to upload pictures and I didn't want another post with all words so I had to be patient. I have to go back awhile to remember everything so sorry about that.

On December 2nd, I had the whole day off so I took the opportunity to get our Christmas decorations put up before Zach's work Christmas party later that night. We've slowly accumulated some Christmas decorations so we don't have a lot yet or a lot of places to put them, but I still think it's really cute.

Let's face it, I didn't really know what I was doing here but I had some small ornaments and I thought they looked cute hanging from the ceiling. I'm obviously still learning.

Our stockings :)

My table centerpiece

Our tree! I couldn't get a very good picture but here it is

Then that night Zach and I went to his Ebay Christmas party. It was at an event center downtown because there were a ton of people there and it was really fun. There was a lot of food, yummy drinks (non-alcoholic for us of course), and dancing. Zach and I don't get dressed up and go out very often so it was really fun to go downtown and just party for a night. I bought a new shirt for Zach and I, and my awesome sister-in-law Kaley did my hair for me. I thought it turned out great and it was a lot of fun!

We all know that I'm really bad at taking pictures (that's why one of my resolutions is to take at least 1 picture a week this year) so I didn't get any pictures of Christmas this year. But Christmas was way good. We went down to Zach's parent's house on Christmas Eve after we both got off work and had a great dinner with their good friends the Kajiyama's. The Sunday before Christmas everyone was saying how bored they were so his dad whipped out a 700 piece puzzle for us all to work on. We got a lot done that night but everyone was getting sick of it, except me! I was so determined to get that thing done and when we got there on Christmas Eve it was exactly how we left it. So we spent some time relaxing with the family and I would work on the puzzle every once in awhile.

We all went to bed so that we could wake up at 6:30 to open presents before church started at 9 and Zach had to leave for work. It was great and so fun to see all of them open their presents and to open the presents that Zach had gotten for me. His parents also got us both a complete 72 hour kit set from Emergency Essentials which was awesome! (Another resolution of mine is to get a good food storage started). Christmas day was just a lazy day of lounging in pajamas, eating leftovers, me hanging out with his siblings, and then I took a nap. I woke up from my nap to Zach coming in because he got off work early. It was so slow that they sent almost everyone home so it was awesome that I got to spend most of Christmas with him. That night we had dinner and then got to call Zach's brother, Josh, who is on a mission in the Philippines. It was so good to talk to him but it definitely made me miss him more. Even though I don't have any pictures, Christmas was so fun and I finished the puzzle with Zach's mom! Jacob and Zach and Adam would help every once in awhile but we were the ones who put the most time in. I had never finished a puzzle before so I was so happy that I took a picture of it! (see below)

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