Monday, November 21, 2011

My Sweet Husband

Warning: I'm going to be talking all lovey dovey in this post so just in case you read this, you have been warned.

Lately my anxiety had been getting to me about everything. I wasn't sure what was causing it; school, work, homework, housework, money, etc. but I was just feeling very overwhelmed and stressed out. I was feeling like I didn't have enough time to do the things I wanted to do because I had all of these things that I HAD to do. After coming home from work on one Saturday I was extremely tired. As soon as I walked in the door this note was leaning up against the wall. Needless to say, I almost started crying right then and there. On top of that, I walked in to a VERY clean apartment. It was seriously the cleanest it had been in a long time. Zach had laundry going, the bed was made, the dishes were done, the clutter corners were gone, the bathroom was clean, he had even dusted off the dresser and nightstand! Zach knew what a relief it would be to come home to a clean house so since he didn't work that day, he took the liberty of cleaning for me. After that we've both done everything we can to maintain that very clean apartment and it's been so nice. I was so grateful for him taking all day to clean for me because he knew what kind of stress I had been feeling and he was doing everything he could to help. I love him so so much and I am so lucky to have a guy like him. I don't understand why he cares about me and loves me so much but I'm not complaining. I'm just one lucky girl.

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  1. Geez it had been so long I didn't know you were blogging more again ha. I like it! Zach is very sweet Kel you are lucky and we are lucky to have both of you as our family!