Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Break

It's been awhile since I last blogged but not very many exciting things have been going on in my life. The Fall semester finally ended but the next semester is just about to start up next Monday. I did well in all of my classes so it was a big relief to finally get that semester out of the way. However, it was a bitter sweet feeling because with the relief of a semester coming to an end, comes the feeling of having to leave Hawaii for good. :( It was one of the hardest things I've done and it's still hard for me to believe that I'm not going back but a change will be good. Plus, who says that I won't be going back and visiting soon.

The break has been good. It's been fun to be home and spend some time with my family. I haven't done much of anything all break and it's kind of starting to drive me crazy because I don't have anything to do, but I guess I should enjoy the fact that I'm not stressing out and busy because it won't last. The weather has taken some getting used to but thankfully my mother bought me a winter coat so I didn't have to freeze for very long. Here is me and Lauren shoveling snow.

Christmas Eve was nice. This was the off year for my family's Christmas which meant all of the boring married siblings were at the in-laws so it was me, my little sister, and my parents. It was really quiet and frankly kind of strange but it was good. We went and saw Avatar which was AWESOME and I got to talk to Zach on the phone. That was soo good! He got permission from his mission president to call me on Christmas Eve because Christmas was for the family so it was so much fun to talk to him on Christmas Eve. He sounded really good and he's loving his mission and it was just normal to talk to him because he is so close to coming home (less than 4 months left now!!). Me and Lauren opened up our Christmas PJ's so we took some cheesy pictures in them.

Dustin and Kaley stopped by that night to visit and open sibling gifts. This scarf and gloves is what I got from them.

My dad got a marshmallow gun for his gift at his company party so when Dustin got a hold of it he was having a little too much fun. He was trying to shoot a pillow that Lauren would throw in the air.

Then when he went to sit down on the back of his heels, he ripped his pajama pants that he just barely got from Kaley's parents that day.
Then Christmas was just fun and lazy as it usually is and me and Lauren both got sweet new phones so we spent all day playing with them and trying to figure them out.

All in all, Christmas was great and it's been nice to have a break. Next step, get back into college and find a job!

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